Concealed Carry Apps for Android & Apple

Concealed Carry Apps for Android & Apple

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The following is information from one of our Students:

The 2 most carried smartphone operating systems out there are: Android and Iphone.  Both have several different apps (applications) available to download from their online app stores. Some apps are better than others, some have more features, some are updated regularly (which I think is critical) and some are free and some are paid. [Disclaimer- I did not create these apps, nor get any money from them…just a happy user and glad to have information at my fingertips when I’m traveling.] 

The most popular and one for the Android system that has the most reviews and is updated almost monthly is:

CCW- Concealed Carry 50 State (by Workman Consulting []).  It costs $1.49 and is comprehensive in all 50 states (Illinois of course doesn’t have any CCW), but show reciprocity, specific state rules at a glance like “Required to notify?”  “Allowed locations – state park? rest area?, etc).  It has the entire law/statutes of each state at your fingertips from CCW, prohibitied areas, to signage law, to open carry, to transportation rules, to contact info.  It also uses the phone’s built-in GPS to see exactly where you are and you can lookup pro-gun and anti-gun businesses, etc. 

Plus many, many, more features, like gun ranges, gunsmiths, etc. 

Here’s the android link to learn more about it or download it. 

Ps- Workman consulting has a separate app for $0.99 called POSTED – Carry List Anti-Gun

This utilizes various databases for your hometown or if you are traveling in all 50 states to show what businesses from restaurants, shopping malls, to other businesses if they are pro or anti carry.  Users can add to the database and post a photo of businesses that are against carry so patrons know and can choose to support other places that are pro-carry.  It also has interactive maps and searches for places around you.  plus many many more features. 

Here’s the link:

Now for Apple Iphone and Ipad…Same app, same company. 

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 state guide. Only $0.99

Concealed Carry App


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