Missouri HOUSE BILL NO. 75

Missouri HOUSE BILL NO. 75

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Missouri House Bill 75

State Representative Mike Moon

State Representative Mike Moon

What’s this world coming to…?  That seems to be the resounding question from many Missouri citizens – not just our friends from southwest Missouri.  A huge outcry lately has been a result of the filing of House Bill (HB) 75. Here’s the bill language: pay particular attention to lines 5-10 on page one.






0578L.01I D. ADAM CRUMBLISS, Chief Clerk


To repeal section 144.064, RSMo, and to enact in lieu thereof two new sections relating to video

cameras for law enforcement officers.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri, as follows:

Section A. Section 144.064, RSMo, is repealed and two new sections enacted in lieu

2 thereof, to be known as sections 144.064 and 590.715, to read as follows:

144.064. 1. Except as provided in subsection 2 of this section, no sales tax levied

2 under this chapter on any firearms or ammunition shall be levied at a rate that is higher than the

3 sales tax levied under this chapter or any other excise tax levied on any sporting goods or

4 equipment or any hunting equipment.

5 2. (1) In addition to any other sales tax imposed under this chapter on the retail

6 sale of any handgun or ammunition, as such term is defined in section 571.063, a tax is

7 hereby levied and imposed upon every retail sale of any handgun or ammunition in this

8 state at the rate of one cent per transaction. All revenues derived from the tax imposed

9 under this subsection shall be deposited in the peace officer handgun and ammunition sales

10 tax fund created in this subsection, and shall be used solely to provide funds for video and

11 audio equipment under section 590.715.

12 (2) There is hereby created in the state treasury the “Peace Officer Handgun and

13 Ammunition Sales Tax Fund”, which shall consist of money collected under this

14 subsection. The state treasurer shall be custodian of the fund. In accordance with sections

15 30.170 and 30.180, the state treasurer may approve disbursements. The fund shall be a

16 dedicated fund and, upon appropriation, money in the fund shall be used solely as

17 provided in this subsection. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 33.080 to the

EXPLANATION — Matter enclosed in bold-faced brackets [thus] in the above bill is not enacted and is intended

to be omitted from the law. Matter in bold-face type in the above bill is proposed language.

18 contrary, any moneys remaining in the fund at the end of the biennium shall not revert to

19 the credit of the general revenue fund. The state treasurer shall invest moneys in the fund

20 in the same manner as other funds are invested. Any interest and moneys earned on such

21 investments shall be credited to the fund.


HB 75 2


590.715. 1. All uniformed law enforcement officers in this state shall wear a video

2 camera affixed to the law enforcement officer’s uniform while on duty. The video camera

3 shall record the interaction between a law enforcement officer and a member of the public.

4 The recording shall include both audio and video.

5 2. All law enforcement agencies shall preserve any recordings made by a video

6 camera under this section for a minimum of thirty days and shall develop any policies and

7 procedures necessary to execute the provisions of this section.

8 3. The provisions of this section shall not apply to detectives or other law

9 enforcement officers while they are working in an undercover capacity, or to any law

10 enforcement officer in any situation where the wearing of such a video camera would

11 endanger the safety of the officer or the public.


Did you read that?  Here’s what it really says: Gun owners – Take this!  You think you have the right to keep and bear arms?  You’re right, but you’re going to pay:  buy a new gun – pay the tax; buy ammo – pay the tax.  Oh, and by the way, thank you very much!

I’ve only found support for this bill from people who either don’t like guns or from those who like guns, but don’t want you to have the same privilege without a penalty.

This type of legislation will NOT see the light of day.  But, don’t rest easy!  We must keep our ears to the ground and be on the lookout for junk bills like this.  When you see or hear of liberty-stealing, freedom-grabbing attempts like HB 75, raise your voices and see to it that your representatives/senators know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will not tolerate its passage.

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