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Author Topic: Threats x3!
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Post Threats x3!
on: July 2, 2012, 11:59

Here's an IDPA video illustrating some seriously fast shots with a Glock pistol. You can feel free to watch the double and triple tap shots, but the important part is at the very end at 43 seconds in.

The shooter is about to take on 3 threats up close and persona. We call this "stank-breath close", so close you can tell if they brushed their teeth that day.

Take note that the shooter does not neutralize (minimum of 2 rounds per target) a single target then move on. He actually puts a single shot on each before adding the follow-up shots. This is important simply because by the time you get the follow-up on the 1st attacker the 2nd and 3rd may have the opportunity to get to you before you can get to them.

Competition has extremely important safety rules. This is why the shooter started a rearward withdraw while extending the arms outward. Note that Canovi and Associates trains to protect the head against a reactionary strike from the initial defensive contact (close quarters technique), we suggest raking the eyes to get the attacker to close his or her eyes or to get them to tilt the head up and back to give you the ability to get to your firearm. No single technique will work 100% of the time, though the eye gouge works quite often because of physiological reactions to protect the eyes. The Canovi and Associates techniques may not be allowed in the competition realm, so please be aware of the safety rules for the competition that you choose and work within those rules.

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