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Author Topic: Clothing issues and the concealed carry draw
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Post Clothing issues and the concealed carry draw
on: January 14, 2013, 10:42

I have a good firend in St. Louis that has asked an important question that I would like to share with everyone. He's familiar with the concealed carry draw that Canovi and Associates promotes to give you a potential single-handed draw if needed, but focusing on a rapid 2-handed draw.

What do I do if I am using my weak hand to protect my head, I draw with my strong hand, and my firearm gets hung up in my cloting?

You can either fumble with the clothing to get it clear or you can get your hand into the drawn position with the firearm up against the ribs and pointed at the attacker, then pull the trigger just like if the garment was clear.

Garments are soft concealment, nothing more. You CAN shoot through them if you absolutely have to. Does it risk a powder burn? Yes, it certainly might result in a powder burn on you. But, can you tolerate a powder burn if you're alive to talk about it? I would hope so.

You might also experience a garment jam where the garment gets hung up in the action of a semiautomatic firearm resulting in a jam. It's a risk you cannot prevent if such a situation presents itself for whatever reason and the garment doesn't clear your firearm. Training will limit such a problem, so train to get that garment nice and high so it will clear the firearm when it's drawn from the holster.

WARNING! This IS NOT a suggestion that you go out and test the clothing-jam in any way. Such a test could put you at risk of injury. DO NOT attempt to test this.

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