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Author Topic: Springfield, Mo area reloading party?
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Post Springfield, Mo area reloading party?
on: February 3, 2013, 01:23

Are you thinking about getting into reloading, but you're not sure what to get or for that matter what you might be getting yourself into? Well I might just have a solution for you Springfield locals. Sometime in April or early May I might wind up hosting a "reloading party".

This will be an opportunity for some to learn about reloading first-hand. Like a BYOB party, this will be a BYOC (bring your own components) party. I have the gear to load for 9mm, 38spl, and 45ACP. So, you bring your own brass, your primers, the powder of your choice, and your bullets for any of those calibers.

I'll provide the main course of smokey pork goodness, you are free to bring a dish, bring a desert, or bring a beverage of your choice if you don't like water, sweet tea, or lemonade. CCW and OC are welcome, however unholstered "show and tell" is prohibited for safety reasons.... lifting your cover garment to show is fine so long as they stay in the holster.

9mm: I have 9mm brass already tumbled, so I'll work a 1 to 1 trade if you bring once fired quality brass to help speed up the process. Tumbling takes roughly an hour.

38spl: I have 38spl brass already tumbled and will be adding to it shortly, so a 1 to 1 trade if you bring once fired quality brass to speed up the process. NO 357MAG brass please, I do not have the dies for it and the length causes problems if it gets mixed into the 38spl bucket.

45ACP: I currently do not have any 45ACP brass or components. You MUST bring your own 45ACP brass on this one. No problem if you need it tumbled. We'll tumble it while some of the other calibers are loaded.

The premise on this "reloading party": I'll walk you through some of the steps with my gear, give you some nice tips I've learned, and let you run some ammo on my platform. If you supply your components you are free to take home your hand loads, realize they are YOUR hand loads which means YOU assume ALL of the liability for them, You will have access to all of the gear as well as the Hornady manual for load data. If you load my components those hand loads stay here with me and I'll probably use some to demonstrate bullet pulling. Either way you should get a chance to work up some reloads and gain some experience.

IF you want to work loads for a PISTOL caliber that is not listed. You must provide your own dies (carbide is the best way to go) as well as components and you must provide a shell plate for the right caliber that fits a Hornady Lock 'n Load AP (progressive press with auto eject). Please be willing to donate the shell plate if you have no intention of getting a LnLAP, that way I can host another and help someone else out with one of these events in the future. Feel free to keep the shell plate if you decide to pick up the LnLAP, you'll certainly need the plate.

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