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Author Topic: Cold Steels Honey Comb!
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Post Cold Steels Honey Comb!
on: April 14, 2013, 12:28

Thanks to a student in class on April 13th for bringing one of these to class!

I picked up the Cold Steel Honey Comb. This is a wicked little defensive tool that's masked as a hair brush. At first glance and even picking it up you'd think it to be just what it appears to be, a hair brush. Yep, it's just that innocent looking. However, the Honey Comb has a more important purpose and some might call it sinister once they see it.

When you hold the brush head and pull on the handle, you quickly find that it contains a fiberglass reinforced Zytel stiletto (dagger). It will literally give you that "wow" moment when you see one the first time.

That said, let's get into the meat of this nasty little product from a self defense standpoint, using two aspects.

The Brush: The handle is rigid enough that it can be used like a kubaton, it can be used for wrist locks, and it could be used for pressure point manipulation. Just imagine the attacker trying to explain to the police that you took him/her out or down with a hair brush!

The Stiletto: Once removed, you notice that it's not exactly flexible. In fact, it's rather rigid and has four distinct edges or grooves similar to the S&W tactical pen (Gen 1) that I tend to carry with me. It's long enough to really penetrate the body if it were used with considerable force. But don't isolate the stiletto to a stabbing tool. Again, it can be used for wrist locks, pressure point manipulation, as a striking tool like a kubaton, and so much more.

I showed a student that even when a firearm is completely out of ammo it can be used for pressure point manipulation, wrist locks, and even as a striking weapon if so needed in a last resort survival situation. Just because the gun is empty or a gun isn't around doesn't mean you're out of the fight.

I have one dedicated for a product review and I'll likely wind up destroying it. There IS NOT a pliable training version of this tool. So know that it can and very will cause injury if you train with the actual product. I'm going to explore trying to get a pliable training version made.

Testing to be conducted: concealability, deployment speed, wrist locks, as an impact weapon, special medium testing including cardboard, watermelon, leather, window glass, and I'm even going to use wood even though I know the wood will likely destroy it.

These are available at Martial Arms Concepts (MAC) on South Campbell in Springfield, Mo. if you're in the area. Hours: M-Sat 10am-7pm


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