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• Survivor Mindset:

There are only two acceptable outcomes in a gunfight:

1.    “I win”. This simply means you and your loved ones are alive and the threat has been eliminated.

2.    “I take them with me.” This means, if someone is attempting to cause death, serious physical injury, rape or sodomy against you and your family, and you are killed or put out of the fight, what will happen to my lived ones? This is not an acceptable outcome. Therefore, I must fight with all your physical effort and never stop fighting even unto your own death, if it eliminates the threat and protects your loved ones.

• Predator Mindset

You are just a means to achieve the desire(s). They do not care about your feelings, your family or your life. Therefore, do not believe anything they say. They will lie, trick or threaten you to achieve their desires.

Several years ago, in the Kansas City, Kansas area a serial killer know as the “BTK Killer” murdered a husband, wife and their three children during a home invasion. The “BTK Killer” was later identified as Dennis Rader, and after he was arrested, he confessed to how he committed this horrific crime. He said that he forced his way into the house at gun point, and he got the occupants to comply with his demand, when he told them that he just needed a place to hide from the police, and he wouldn’t hurt anyone; once the police were gone, he would leave, and he wouldn’t hurt anyone. The occupants wanted to believe him, so they did as he said, and they locked the three children in the bathroom, the husband allowed the fugitive from justice to tie him up, so he could not cause a problem, then he took the wife into the bedroom. The “BTK Killer” strangled the wife, after which he strangled the defenseless husband, then he went into the bathroom, tied up the kids and strangled them one by one, before he left their house.  This is the true predator mindset.

• Situational Awareness

Furthermore, predators will use kindness, sympathy and compassion against you, if you let them. I saw this in person on a “Wal-mart” parking lot. A total stranger started walking towards me with his hand out stretched saying, “Can you help me”. Obviously, he wanted me to feel sorry for a person in need and lower my guard and allow him to get close to me; once I shook his hand, he would have control of my right hand and my right arm .

Therefore do not be nice to strangers! Instead take a “Defensive stance”, because it is pro-active, and it projects an image of readiness to a would-be attacker.  This stance requires having your feet shoulder width apart for a stable, balanced fighting platform and keeping your hands up in front of your chest, so they are ready to block an attack to your head or strike out.  This is a physical or armed countermeasure to an attack.

Maintain a “reactionary gap.” This means maintaining enough distance between you and a potential attacker(s); this allows you enough time to react and successfully defend yourself against an attacker’s aggression. This distance can vary from person to person depending on age and physical abilities. Remember – action is always faster than reaction, so it is better to maintain more distance than not enough. In law enforcement the minimum reactionary gap distance is twenty-one feet, because police studies reveal it is the minimum distance for effective armed defensive action, if an assailant charges you with a knife.

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