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Is the Kel Tec PMR-30 a good survival and concealed carry firearm?

First let us look at PMR-30 itself, and then we will look at its pros and cons as a personal defense firearm.

Keltec PMR-30

Keltec PMR-30

Calibers: .22 Magnum (.22WMR)
Weight unloaded: 13.6oz. 385.6g
Loaded Magazine: 6oz. 170.1g
Length: 7.9″ 200.7mm
Height: 5.8″ 147.3mm
Width: 1.3″ 33.0mm
Barrel length: 4.3″ 109.2mm
Sight radius: 6.9″ 175.3mm
Energy (40gr): 138ft-lbs 187J
Capacity: 30 rounds
Trigger pull: 4-6 lbs 17.8-26.7N

The slide and barrel are steel, but the frame is aluminum. Grip, slide cover, trigger, Mag release, and safety levers are glass reinforced Nylon (Zytel), much like other Kel-Tec Pistols. Magazine is Also glass reinforced Nylon Zytel.

MSRP $415.00

• Bright fiber optic front and rear sights
• Weaver Rail for installation of laser and light options
• Usable Size Front and Rear Sights
• Point and Shoot Ergonomic Design for Easy Aiming
• Controllable Recoil for multiple accurate shots
• Accurate at personal defense distances (I was able to get single head shot and multiple rapid heads shots at 25 feet on multiple targets).
• Light weight
• High magazine capacity (Comes with just 1 mag.)
• Simple disassembly and maintenance (Disassembles for cleaning by removal of a single pin)
• Low cost available Ammunition
• Small ammunition size allows for easy storage
• Excellent reliability (250 to 300 rounds fired during test without a single malfunction of any kind)
• High velocity bullet for great lethality (The .22 WMR’s case is thicker than that of the .22 LR, allowing higher pressures. The combination of more powder and higher pressures gives velocities with a 30-grain at 1,500 fps from a handgun.)
• 40 grain Flex-Tip personal defense ammunition available for in .22 mag. caliber for ensured round expansion

• Limited holster selection
• Difficult to utilize as a concealed carry firearm (4.3” and long full size grip)
• Large grip may cause difficulty for women
• Expensive (Locally sold for over $650-$900)
• Slower and more complicated magazine changes (Do to Mag. release at bottom of mag. well)
• No Grip Safety
• No Cocked Indicator
• No cambered round indicator

The Kel Tec, PMR-30 is a great survival firearm. It is extremely reliable, easy to maintain, lightweight for easy carrying over long distances, and its 30 round magazine gives you more than enough firepower. If you choose to carry two additional magazines, it can provide you with enough prolonged firepower for almost any situation.

The high velocity .22 magnum round provides excellent lethality for hunting small and medium size animals for food as well as more than enough lethality for personal defense. This small size round along with its relatively low cost (currently less that a 9mm round), so it allows you to buy it cheap and stack it deep to help maximize your survival resources.

However, the Kel Tec, PMR-30 is not an ideal concealed carry handgun. Its size makes it difficult to carry as a concealed personal defense firearm. The inaccessibility of concealed carry holsters for the PMR-30 also takes away from its concealability.

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