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Caliber: .22 LR
Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot
Length: 6.40″
Height: 4.90″
Width: 1.29″
Weight 17.50
Barrel Length: 3.50″
Mag.  capacity 10 rounds
It has a: Black Anodizealuminum upper receiver with a Black Polymer lower receiver
Suggested  Price $399.00



Is “Ruger’s  SR22” Rimfire Pistol a viable option for personal defense?


  • The reliability was 100%. I saw no malfunctions. I have also seen this firearm used in a concealed carry practical live fire exercise and qualification course, and once again I saw no malfunctions with any .22 caliber ammunition.
  • Accuracy at 21 feet was spot on, and when it comes to personal defense over 80% of all police shootings occur under 21 feet, so this a practical real world personal defense distance.
  • Its semiautomatic operational system makes it easy operate; furthermore, the light resistance of the .22 caliber recoil spring makes it easy for anyone to manipulate the slide to chamber a round.
  • The low cost of .22 caliber ammunition makes for very affordable practice.
  • The low recoil of the .22 caliber makes for more controllability when firing multiple rapid shots at a target or threat.
  • The low recoil of the .22 caliber rounds makes it less intimidating for new shooters or females, and if it’s less intimidating, any shooter will be motivated to practice, and more practice will lead to more accuracy.
  • Easy availability of high velocity ammunition which creates a larger temporal wound cavity than the .22 caliber diameter and this translates into more internal bleeding for rapid incapacitation of an assailant.
  • Its light weight and low profile design provide easy conceal ability.
  • Its relatively low cost makes it a very affordable handgun especially for those on a fixed income.
  • Requirement to seek out, locate and purchase the best quality .22 caliber ammunition for increased reliability.
  • Double action – Single action operating system for safety
  • Ambidextrous thumb safeties

CONS                                    ·

  • Risk of malfunctions with the rimfire bullet design.
  • Increased need for training in how to quickly address failure to fire malfunctions.
  • Double action – Single action operating system which cause the noticeable difference between the first double action trigger pull and the following single action trigger pulls.


A .22 caliber pistol should not be the first choice for a personal defense caliber, because it does not have consistent human skull penetrations with a single shot. But, let’s face it, the best personal defense firearm is the one you will carry, and for some people with a physical strength limitation (like those of senior aged females) or a handicap condition (like arthritis, even a limb or hand deformity) it may be the only firearm they can effectively carry, so for those people it is a viable option for personal defense, and according to research documented by the National Crime Victimization Survey, conducted in 2000, just letting a criminal know you have a firearm deters any further criminal activity approximately 91.1% of the time, so any gun is better than no gun in a physically threatening situation.

Furthermore, there may be other individuals who are attracted to the SR22’s increased concealability, and therefore they will carry it more often than they would a larger, heavier firearm. And even if the .22 caliber round does not have consistent human skull penetration with a single shot, its fast semiautomatic operational system in addition to its 10 round magazine provides the shooter with the ability to deliver multiple rapid headshots for skull penetration, and/or deliver multiple upper chest shots in rapid succession creating numerous wound channels, and this means what we refer to as multi shot lethality.

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